Ocarina of Time: Spiritual Stones

Sometimes I am really amazed by what I find on 4chan. Like these spritiual stones from the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Why didn’t anyone bother to make them before? These stones are awesome! They might be even more awesome if you printed the coloured sections of the stones on transparant paper. Oh yeah! Shiny! Now all you have to do is find an altar to put them on, and your time-traveling can begin! Let’s save the world, baby! Note that I don’t take any responsibility for damage made in the future.

Happy Papercrafting!
Spiritual stone of Water
Spiritual stone of Fire
Spiritual stone of Forest
Spiritual Stone pack (contains PDO files, which can be opened in Pepakura Designer)

by Icthus7, Picture by Kaboom


  1. Anonymous

    It would really help to have a guide for the forest one. I can’t figure it out. Thanks. 😀 I finished the other two, they look great.

  2. Anonymous

    I found a pdf floating around in /po as I built blue stone differently as I didn’t have pdo file.
    The blue stone came out as purple when printed probably was different file.

  3. knil92

    i know people have asked already, but are there any instructions for the earth stone, i just cant seem to figure out the god dammed glue-age from the gold part to the emerald part :/

  4. Anonymous

    I downloaded Pekakura Designer but it ask me for a pasword to unlock it please HELP!

  5. Anonymous

    I’m going to try and rip the spiritual stone models from the game and redo this on my own.

    Not sure how hard it’ll be, I’ve worked with blender before, but I don’t know. These seem based more on artwork for the gems. Especially the Goron Ruby, which looks much different in-game. The Kokiri Emerald is also a bit different from it’s game model.

  6. Anonymous

    any instructions as to how i can build the saphire because i sick at going at it with out directions!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    when i looked at the picture of the papercraft kokiri emerald, it looked different than the one in the game. the thingy at the bottom is pointing the wrong way.

  8. Xenon

    Hmm the PDOs are all locked for Pepakura Viewer only, so there are no options to remove them like you can in Pepakura Designer.

    However I think you might still be able to play around with the options in File > Print Setting to make them fainter and/or thinner at least.

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