Nintendo 64 Logo

I know this one is pretty old, but I think it’s still worth posting. The N64 was one of Nintendo’s finest consoles after all. The papercraft was made by billybob884, from who we have seen other amazing and high-quality papercrafts. Maybe after building, you suddenly feel the urge to plug in your Nintendo 64 to relive some of the awesome memories you had back in the old days. Have fun building it!

Download it here


  1. Anonymous

    Wow these are great! I love your dedication to make these for true gamers :) Keep up the good work

  2. Austin

    You know I originally thought I’d need instructions to put it together like most of you but now that I’ve taken a good look at the picture I think I finally understand to put it together completely.

  3. printcutfoldglue

    Great then! When you’ll have it done, please share us some photos in the forums! ;^)

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