Nintendo Papercraft’s How to Papercraft Guide

We’re pleased to announce the release of the first version of our How to Papercraft Guide! This has been a fairly large project worked on during late this summer by the forum staff and several members of the community. The aim was to provide a solid yet easily browsable guide and compilation of papercraft knowledge we’ve gained over the years.

To an experienced builder, figuring out the right sort of paper or when to score fold lines may seem easy, but all too often such skills are gained by trial and error and may not be obvious to beginners, so the first half of this guide is all about building. It will answer some common questions with regards to tools, construction methods and file formats as well as other numerous tips here and there.

The second half of the guide deals with designing papercrafts. A lot of people are interested in taking up designing but the knowledge of how to do so is not widely shared. With so many pitfalls that can occur during editing and unfolding, it is easy to spend a long time making little or poor progress. While describing everything about designing in a step-by-step format is rather impractical and even unfeasible, we hope this includes some information to get you thinking about what you need to do, how to go about editing or simplifying and how to create neater unfolds.

It should be noted though that the guide is a first release. So no doubt there are sections that are a little thin or vague compared to others. In future it may be periodically revised with new sections or more pictures to better explain concepts. In the meantime we hope it can help you out, whether you are new to the hobby or just want to expand your skills further.

You can view the guide here, available as a Google Documents page, which you are free to download, though do not reupload elsewhere without our permission. The guide is also posted on the “How To” page of the blog so click on the upper menu to access it quickly in future!

How to Papercraft Guide by GP, XenonRay, Squeezycheesecake, Seb, Poe and Ooshawoo


  1. camila

    Wow! I have not read everything yet, just flipped, but it seems a great, an excellent guide! It’s beautiful! Thank you! I will read as soon as the college let me read, hopefully soon!

    I don’t speak English, so I used google translator, ignore the mistakes! =D

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