Nintendo 64 Console

N64 PapercraftThough there have been many console papercrafts, there had not yet been one for the Nintendo 64, until now, that is.  The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo’s third home console–named for it’s 64-bit processor, and released in most countries in 1997.  It holds the record for being the last Nintendo home console to use cartridges, and also the first mainstream console to have a controller that featured an analog stick, something that afterward became quite popular, and was taken up by rival companies as well.  With the slogan “Get N, or get out!” it eventually sold 32.93 million units.  Now, you can have your own, in paper style!

This papercraft was made by Norgas on the forums, and comes in color choices of black or green.
Rapidshare: Black  or  Green
MediaFire: Black  or  Green
There are also some extra cartridge crafts made by Norgas.


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