Nintendo 3DS

Apologies for sparse updates, but there’s a bit of a craft shortage around our forums for the time being. If you’ve made something nice then feel free to share it there!

Well, it’s only been a few weeks since the Nintendo 3DS has been unveiled at E3, and already we have a great model of it courtesy of ddi7i4d.

The files contains lined and lineless templates, and some instructions on how to do the hinge, though as of now there’s only a blue version (prime material for recolouring, guys!). Please note that this one is trickier than it looks because it models the fine details such as buttons and trims.

[This was modelled after the 2010 unveiling, so may not match the final version 100%]

By default the screens are blank, but also available are some scaled screenshot ‘covers’ to cut out and stick over the grey squares if you wish.

Download Here [Link now fixed!] Screen Covers

Design and Picture by ddi7i4d


  1. Anonymous

    This is really frustrating. You call those instructions? You should take a whole page of step by step so its easy to understand, not just put 13 words and some pictures on a page. I tore it up as it was so frustrating.

  2. pokegirl170

    and never give up! it took me 3 nights to finish but at least I got it! most of these paper crafts don’t have instructions but I figure them out.AND IM 9!!! so yea… kay byyyye

  3. Anonymous

    When I click “download here”, is is supposed to take me to some weird site that’s asking me to resister and pay them European money? Because I certainly don’t have any. ><

  4. Xenon

    Apologies about the poor qualities of the download link. Rapidshare is horrible these days with random redirects (ignore them- they’re nothing to do with the download) or things that might be flagged as viruses (might be a false alarm but take care).

    If things are this bad I might make an alternative download link on one of the more ‘stable’ sites like Mediafire or get access to Nintendo Papercraft’s old FTP server!

  5. Anonymous

    it’s 99%, because the a,b,x,y buttons are a little up higher, though, but its better than all mine -_-

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