New Super Mario Bros 2 Diorama

scan0003This nifty little Diorama is a free gift in the October issue of Official Nintendo Magazine – only for sale in the UK, but I wouldn’t want you international folks to miss out! (Apparently there’s an Australian version too, but it’s… Different? Somehow?) 

Download (via forum topic)

Thank You to Squeezycheesecake for the description and scans!


  1. Anonymous

    Well I bought a Nintendo magazine in London and searched for it in Germany where I live… they don’t even have a similar one here….

    Thank you for uploading this one. (:

  2. Anonymous

    I went to the link provided but I can’t find where to download it. Can someone please help?

    1. Xenon

      On the forum page, just click on the scanned images of the magazine’s template and they’ll be enlarged. Just save these to your computer and print from there! 😉

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