Here’s a somewhat more obscure character, ripped from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii, the second game in Nintendo and Intelligent System’s strategy series to use 3D graphics.

Nephenee is a young girl from the Crimean countryside and in the events of Radiant Dawn, joins up with fellow villager Brom to supress a local rebellion. After the Crimean rebels against Queen Elincia are defeated, she travels with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries to assist the Laguz Alliance against the Begnion Empire. This model is of her Halberdier class, wielding a Steel Greatlance and stands around 38.5cm tall. In game she can eventually be promoted to Lancer/Sentinel class (name varies between PAL/NTSC versions) and is a strong all purpose unit throughout.

This is quite a complex craft with 28 pages and quite a few small parts. Use of the PDO file will be a great help as my photos of the first version are slightly out of date. The legs, body and head can be built in any order since they are all self contained pieces, though the part numbering reflects my rough order of building from the bottom up. Don’t be restricted by my methods though as sometimes I assemble things in a haphazard order.

Best built in the smooth method ignoring most fold lines, except for a few places mentioned in the instructions.

Download Here!

Template and Picture by Xenon


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