HEY LISTEN! It’s a Navi Papercraft! I have double feelings about the fact that it doesn’t come with sound effects. On one hand it was quite funny to have that annoying bugger say HEY! On the other hand, it was so annoying that I’d love to kill Navi sometimes. Although Navi is actually blue, it still looks like the little pester. Now we only have to wait for a recolour, so that we have Tatl as well.

Edit: Recolors have arrived!

Fairy (Green, on picture)
Navi (Blue-ish)
Tatl (Yellow)
Tael (Purple)

Recolors by Kratos


  1. Anonymous

    how on earth do u build navi i feel like such an idiot becouse its like a bear trap to me

  2. KingMudkip

    When I made Navi I just glued the wings to one of the back panels. It looks just fine from the front.

  3. Charming

    I’m finding it really tricky to seal up the final bit in order to make that ball shape… I think I can see that a bit of sticky tape was used in some places so i’m going to try that.

  4. Anonymous

    can anyone make a red one to?
    than you can make the three spirits of Zelda: Phantom hourglasses (Leaf, Neri and Ciela)

  5. Kayla McMiller

    I’m having trouble building Tael. By the way I think it’d be cool if someone could make them able to be put on a chain or something and wear as a necklace. That way people could take their fairy with them where ever they go. If anyone can do that, email a building guide and lined version to it. My email is

  6. NaNa

    I was making the ball part of Navi but I decided to put it down and work on it tomorrow.Then it got thrown away so now I just have the wings.I think I’ll reprint it.-_-

  7. Onigiri

    I cut slits and pushed the wings in, putting glue around the holes, holding it till it was dry enough.

  8. Anonymous

    This would be awesome if the plans weren’t of such a horrid quality.

    A higher resolution, improved quality so it doesn’t look like it was saved out of MS Paint as a .gif and this would be sweet.

    Maybe I’ll save the plans and trace over them in Photoshop so it looks half decent.

  9. Cholle

    My text ringtone is Navi’s “hey listen”. And has been for two years haha.

    I have the same love/hate relationship, but every time my dad complains about how annoying it, I just look at him and go ‘That’s the POINT’.

    Which, just makes it kind of awesome.

    I’ve been looking for this papercraft all day. Thank you! I can’t wait to try them and cover my room in little Navis!! 😀

  10. Anonymous

    I finished building all the faeries within three hours or so. Its pretty simple, but most ball shape models are hard to close. Start by the left side of the ball and continue building from there. Also embossing the folds helps too. Attach the wings and etc to the small square like shape that shows up after the ball is done. Good use of glue will hold it. I placed a small magnet in the inside back center square of all my models. It comes in handy to sticking to metal surfaces. :] Hope this helps. :]

  11. Anonymous

    PS: The picture is shiny because the creator used a different type of paper to print from aside from cardstock or reg printing paper.

  12. Anonymous

    To make mine really shiny I coated the entire craft with a thin layer of hot glue. ^^ she looks really glittery now. In addition I made a clear string of hot glue and hung her from my curtain rod.

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