Mt. Pyre Diorama


So long since we had a diorama papercraft, well finally we have a new diorama, and it’s nice too!

Mt. Pyre can be considered a counterpart to Kanto’s Pokémon Tower and House of Memories, Sinnoh’s Lost Tower, and Unova’s Celestial Tower. It houses the many graves of Pokémon. Many grieving Trainers also visit the Tower to pay their respects. Also present within the mountain are thrill-seeking Trainers who will battle the player when encountered. Mt. Pyre can also be considered the opposite of the Cave of Origin, considered the beginning of life, as Mt. Pyre represents the grave and the end of life. Info from Bulbapedia

The model’s size is approx. 3.5 CM height 1.82 CM width 1.36 CM depth

The model is quite tricky due to its small pieces. You should be fine as long as you use the added refference picture and PDO.

Model and picture by SMDgamer27

Mt. Pyre diorama by SMDgamer27