We sure have quite some new Mario papercrafts right now! Today’s Moneybags day!

Moneybags is an enemy in Super Mario 64’s Snowman’s Land level. At first, they appear to resemble a regular coin, but once Mario goes near one, it will transform into a coin purse-shaped monster that hops around. Defeating them will earn the player five coins apiece.

Although they look like clams, Moneybags are actually money purses with their zipper undone along with eyes and feet. Due to the lack of a known name at the time when a FAQ was being made, the creator just simply called Moneybags Fake Coins, causing some people to confuse their names.
They are also featured in Coincentration, a minigame in Super Mario 64 DS.

Download here
Note that lined and lineless version are in the same PDF

By Supermariofreak, info from Mariowiki.

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  1. zak

    there is also one in the single player mode in new super mario bros. it gives toy a coin iach time you jump on it, then a 1-up after 5 hits.

  2. Anonymous

    in SM64DS is one in that course with the chilly bully. altough (sorry if mispelled) it is really hard to catch, harder than in NSMB

  3. Darnyoumoneybags

    yeah it is… i spent 10 minutes trying to catch the stupid moneybags (in 64 DS) and only about 7 seconds in NSMB because you have the fire power up and you can throw fireballs at him (darn you moneybags! oo! a 1-up!)

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