Modern Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s speedy blue mascot, originally appearing only on Sega consoles but has since had many games across other platforms, including several Nintendo exclusives and crossovers with the Mario series.

This model is actually derived from a PS3/360 rip though depicts Sonic’s modern appearance in games such as SSBB and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (hey, we’ve got to tie these things back to Nintendo y’know! :p).

As for the papercraft, this is a very detailed model with a large amount of pieces for just about every section. It should probably be made in the smooth method to save time and avoid a ton of fold lines! 23 pages in total and stands about 43cm tall.

Download Here

Template and Picture by Ashek  (thanks for sharing the model with NP!)


  1. Shy Lev-Ari

    how the model is THAT smooth? I mean, even without folding, it looks like it’s made out of clay! where are the whire “paper’s edge” line of every piece? the head part is soooo blue. TEACH ME!!! :)

  2. Link101

    Edge coloring. Just color the edge that you’re going to glue BEFORE you glue it, and voila. Sometimes it also helps to fold tabs just a tiny little bit so it doesn’t look all blocky and looks more smooth. Hope that helped :)

  3. Edvinas

    Hey it’s preety hard but I already made the head for my Sonic :)I hope to see more like this in the future!Thanks again for the model 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Hi everyone, sorry I’m new in this stuff, so I am straggling to download the pdf, can anyone explain to me how to do it, lol, many thanks to all of

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