There’s a small but dedicated bunch of Fire Emblem fans on the Nintendo Papercraft forums, and occasionally we produce a model or two!
Today is we have Mist, Ike’s younger sister based on her appearance in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the GC. The forces of order and chaos are perfectly balanced within her heart, making her the only human able to hold the Fire Emblem, or Lehran’s Medallion without being driven berserk by the immense energies within.
Starting as a Cleric she assists the Greil Mercenaries by using staves to heal and support the team. Her good resistance and luck gives her the ability to withstand magical attacks and occasionally dodge other blows too. But being a healer and not a fighter, she should be kept far away from any combat.
This model is of a smaller and simpler design than the other FE crafts posted previously. It comes in a 15cm, and an enlarged 24cm version (though the simplification will be much more apparent in the bigger one). The hair can be double sided if you want, but either way you should manually cut out the black areas of texture to make the fringe more natural.
Download Here (PDO only)

Template and Picture by Vert092