Mirror Shield

It’s time to defeat the shadows forever! It’s the mirror shield!

The Mirror Shield is a recurring shield in the Legend of Zelda series. This special shield has a reflective surface that allows Link to reflect sunlight and certain magical attacks. There have been multiple Mirror Shields in the games, often with variable designs.

This particular design is from Ocarina of Time. The papercraft is lifesize, so you can use this for all your heroic adventures. Enjoy!

Mirror Shield

By Christina, info from Zeldapedia


  1. Shade

    Brilliant design, but just to say that both files are called lineless where in reality the one in brackets is the lined.

  2. Gerson

    esta bueno pero el diseño del espejo no mucho, podrian haver puesto el diseño de “the Ocarine of Time” que es mucho mejor

  3. Anonymous

    I haven’t gotten to the Spirit temple yet. I have the VC (virtual Console) version. Does the VC game have the politically correct version?

  4. Katie

    Damn it is the ugly “politically correct” version. Do you have or think you can make the original version with the crescent moon and star? I love that version better

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