eeoww! Unhand me, brute! I’m late, so late, I must make haste! This shiny thing? Mine! It’s mine! That’s right, it’s Mips!

MIPS is a rabbit found in the basement of Princess Peach’s Castle during the events of Super Mario 64. When Mario approaches the bunny, MIPS will run away. After Mario catches MIPS, the rabbit gives him a Power Star. MIPS appears in the basement a second time after Mario has collected fifty Power Stars.

Download here!

By Prife7, info from Mario Wiki


  1. Anonymous

    I remember him! He was always so hard to capture. Super Mario64 was the best. I’m very happy that I can make a paper craft out of him.

    Thank you! ;D

  2. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me how to assemble his body and tail??? I ruined it twice… just can’t figure it out :(

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