The Miniblin is the smallest and weakest member of Ganon’s evil army. They can be dispatched in one hit, and pose no real threat in terms of attack damage. However, they tend to appear in large groups, and their superior numbers can sometimes get the better of Link.

They use small pitchforks as weapons, and can be very dangerous to have around if Link has climbed his way to a high altitude. If Link finds himself facing a Miniblin swarm without his sword, he can drop All-Purpose Bait to distract them and make his escape. Miniblin make a characteristic “Nyeh Na…” and “Deh Dank!” sound, and made their debut in The Wind Waker.

Download Miniblin here

If you want the stage on the picture, grab it here

By PMF, picture by Skelekitty. Info from Zelda Wiki


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