This model is the result of a collaboration between myself and Studio of MM over on DeviantArt. Having helped produce a model of Twili form Midna this time last year, I’ve now finally gotten around to creating a version of her in her imp form seen throughout most of Twilight Princess.

I planned a template that would stand 37cm tall. Unfortunately due to my printer getting the colours far too dark, I lost interest and stopped my build about half way through. The project was looking like it’d get shelved because I hate to release things without building them myself, but Studio of MM came along and offered to help out. The catch? Well she wanted to upscale it to life-size resulting in a second template at 122cm tall!

So with some great pictures of the life sized model provided by her, I am releasing both versions of the template!

Because I couldn’t make instructions like I usually do, this model has PDO files only. We have provided some notes to help but felt it’d be better to encourage use of Pepakura Viewer or Designer (this would be essential for the big version anyway as you can’t make an intuitive template if there’s only a few massive pieces per page).

Download Templates (also plenty more info)

Pepakura can be downloaded for free here. (you will need this!)

Editing and 37cm template by Xenon
122cm template and pictures by Studio of MM