1. Anonymous

    You shouldn’t worry about becoming “better” than someone else, you should just make your papercrafts the way you are happy with them and do not concern yourself if they are better or worse than somebody else’s.

    But it looks like Ninjatoes keeps making his models more and more simpler and easier to build, and you are making yours more and more detailed: so together they are in balance lol

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, Ninjatoes is awesome. But I personally think this papercraft was done as nothing more than an addition to his wolf link. It’s not his greatest papercraft ever. Even I, a crazed Zelda fan, will most likely not make this, because it just seems so…unfinished. There are no textures on the back of the helmet, or hands.

    Please, if someone is willing, make a real midna that doesn’t need a wolf to ride on, and maybe get a ripped model. I’m just…not too happy with the way this one turned out.

  3. Anonymous

    It is actually explained on his blog: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/2008/08/midna-papercraft-finished.html
    This WAS a gamerip, it is not that it is unfinished, quite the opposite: what makes his models so much better than most, is that he is one of the very few designers that actually thinks ahead meaning how someone would build it: directly unfolding a game rip lets you make a nice screenshot of the 3D in pepakura with the completely unbuildable unfolded parts next to it, and nothing more: it is no wonder you often see just a 3D screenshot and not a picture of the built papercraft; most designers do exactly what you say take the game rip and change it a bit then unfold it, but it turns out so difficult that they just upload it somewhere and maybe someone crazy enough is able to build it, but most of the times, nobody can… Making the helmet 2D at this scale was a stroke of genius I don’t think most designers would have the courage to do: but otherwise you would be folding 1 mm thick strips to give the helmet its thickness, or for the fingers or ears for instance…

  4. Navi03

    To the prior poster, I recognize your respect for Ninjaotes work, and I respect him too, but I think you take an unsupportedly harsh view on game rips, and belittle the work that it takes to set them out into a papercraft. Designers who use direct rips (“changing it a bit” as you libel the work of editing), and those who model a figure meant for unfolding, focus the bulk of their work in different parts of the process (one, on crafting the unfolded template; the other, on 3D modeling which eases the set of the template (if planned to do so)) but both can be achieved and deserve their due respect. Also, both methods do still require some work in each step, so someone who makes papercrafts (whatever their source) can hardly get away with “changing it a bit”. There is a lot more work to it than that phrase implies, even if a ripped model is used.

    Complexity and quality are different entities, and should be treated as such. While this model is of course a quality product, as is to be expected of Ninjatoes work, it is also very simple. It seems to be designed with a different outlook than the wolf it is naturally paired with. The wolf was painstakingly true to it’s original model, with each hair of the mane a full polygon, whereas Midna’s details (the hair, hands, and ears, as you’ve mentioned) are simplified. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it makes the model easer to build (allowing more people to do so), and still looks great. But, it also changes the dynamics of the model–making it more obviously paper, instead of solid, as many of Ninjaotes other models appear.

    To finish my rant, I’m not asking you to change your preference of papercraft–to each his own–but I do ask that you take the time to thoroughly learn about (or better yet, try yourself!) the methods of creating papercrafts before you go writing any of them off as lesser than another. Thanks for hearing me out.

    (Ralf, if you think this reaction is off topic, feel free to leave it off. I won’t be offended, but I had to reply.)

  5. Anonymous

    “so someone who makes papercrafts (whatever their source) can hardly get away with “changing it a bit”.

    I was actually trying to say that: that you cannot change it just “a little bit”.
    But what I meant is, that the problem is that many people do just change it a bit, and then they think they made a great papercraft, because they kept it very true to the game model, with lots of detail, but in fact it is a bad papercraft because it is too difficult to build for anyone…
    You didn’t realize, but we actually agree lol…
    I don’t mind gamerips, the problem is the people that don’t do the work needed to make it into a good papercraft because then you have this awesome subject, but it’s unbuildable even for the “designer” himself.

  6. Navi03

    Well, I’m glad to hear that I misunderstood–I would rather have agreement than argument any day. And, you are right–there are a lot of impossible auto-unfolds out there that could have been better models had their creators taken the time to really work them into crafts. I just feel that whether modeled by hand, or ripped, either sort of model can be worked into a good craft if the designer takes the time to do so (putting in the work you mention). Thanks for straightening me out on your intent–good luck in your crafting!

  7. mike o

    i just made midna last night though i did so on scale mine is only aprox 3.5 inches tall , was able to do most of it but not the feet ( too small but it is ok without them at this size) i thank ninja toes for this project

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