Midna Fused Shadow hat

Before you start asking: No, there is no Midna Papercraft yet. We do have this though: A piece called “Fused Shadow”. A much discussed topic was the eye of the mask, which looks like one of the eyes of Majora’s Mask. I’m pretty sure the creators did this on purpose. Click the picture for a bigger version.

The file contains the PDO as well as the BMP files. Enjoy!

Midna Fused Shadow

Picture by Gollum999


  1. Drummyralf

    Well, that relies on what version you played of Twilight Princess. In the Gamecube version, the eye is on the left (when viewed from the front. The Wii version is mirrored from the Gamecubeversion though, because Link had to have the sword (wiimote) in the right hand. Therefore, the eye in the Wii version is on the right.

    So I guess this is the Gamecube version of the mask 😀

  2. kanihazcheeseburger

    Is this another life-sized papercraft? If not, Midna’s helmet would make a good life-sized papercraft…

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