Metroid Diorama

Time for a Diorama. A Metroid diorama this time. I don’t really know which game it’s from, since I’m one of the few Nintendo fans that haven’t played these games. Anyway, this papercraft is pretty awesome, so have fun building it!

Metroid Diorama
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By Metroidfan66. Original topic

Note: ChuChu Jelly now has 4 lineless versions available!


  1. john

    i was hoping for an 8-bit metroid diorama :( . this one is from metroid: zero mission but samus is messed up because she looks like shes from super metroid.

  2. metroidfan66

    well I used a different samus because the one from the screenshot I used didn’t look as good good, and was hard to get out of the pic (same thing with the acid worm) by the way, in case somebody doesnt see the note, add weight(a penny works good) to the acid worm’s base.

  3. Anonymous

    The Diorama is from Zero Mission…
    It’s kind of a bitch the first time you play. Awesome site, btw! Keep it up!

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