Merry Christmas! And a special Princess Zelda craft

Hi there! Here’s a small note from me, Drummyralf. I want to wish all of you a very mery christmas, and to make sure I don’t forget to post it: A happy New Year! This might be a little early to post, but I’m doing it anyway ūüėõ

I would also like to apologize for my absence the last few weeks, and lack of posting. This is due to personal reasons. I really thank all of the crew that keep this site updated when I’m not around. I’d also like to inform that since it’s a time of holiday, there might not be as much posts as normal. Everyone’s somewhere celebrating the holidays, and I personally think family always goes first, not the blog.

Therefore, bare with us a little longer with some lack of posts. Thanks :) To make up, there will be a special craft post tomorrow :) And today’s isn’t quite your daily craft either!

Ichtus7 brings you a special christmas papercraft: Zelda with a Christmas dress! Notice how he didn’t use folds when building the model, so that it looks more round.

You can download it from his blog!

Happy holidays!


  1. zak

    awesome. i just completed this model about an hour before this was posted. it’s alot easier than it looks. my only problem is that it doesn’t show where most of the folds go, even in the lined version. you will probably need the pdo.

  2. enrique3

    Thanks Drummyralf!!

    This model is cute, and we hope that you liked.
    Now we share “Link”, also in Christmas suit. I think that the couple obeys a good objective; Wish to all who loves this hobby, a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!


  3. Anonymous

    I love you I plan on makeing everything on your sight and takeing a pic of all of them togeather

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