Mega Man Progress PET

The Personal Terminal or PET, (pronounced “pet” in the original Japanese version of the anime and “P-E-T” in the English version) is an electronic device that plays an important role in the MegaMan Battle Network series of video games anime and manga (the latter two of which are known as MegaMan NT Warrior in the U.S.). The PET was invented by Dr. Tadashi Hikari, grandfather of series protagonist Lan Hikari. Various PET models appear throughout all three versions of the series (video games, anime, and manga) in a wide variety of colors and styles. A PET is essentially a fictional version of a PDA device. Originally, the acronym stood for Personal Exploration Terminal, but the “Exploration” was dropped in subsequent titles.-info from Megaman Wiki.

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Designer: sgonzales22
photo by sgonzales22