Mega Man Hunter VG

The Hunter VG is a new form of hand-held interface in MegaMan Star Force 3 (surpassing the Transer and the Star Carrier). It has many features of the previous devices such as communication and easy access to the Internet. The Hunter VG can also create Material Waves just like the Star Carrier. This ability is applied for the Wizards. By crying out “Wizard On!”, the Wizard can roam freely. The device has a special type of lock. By unlocking the lock, the owner of the Hunter VG will become allied to the Satella Police. The owner will then be registered under an organization called Project Transcode (also called Project TC) where the owner of a Hunter VG and Wizard are legally allowed to perform Wave Change. Under Wave Change, the VG attaches itself to the users arm, as well when not in use.~info from Mega Man Wikia.
Download: Here

Designer: sgonzales22
photo by sgonzales22