Mega Evolution Bracelet

Mega Evolution Braclet

There is a power in the Pokemon world. A power that has just been made up for the 3DS Games remained undiscovered for Generations.  When a Trainer channels his emotions through the Mega Evolution Bracelet, towards the right Pokemon, holding the right catalyst, it can become… more. It can take on a whole new evolution, however briefly. It’s power unrivaled by the God ‘Mon, they are peerless fighters. D’ya what one a’ya own!?

These Mega Evolution Bracelets are a relatively simple build. It comes in two sizes – Small and Extra Large. The small version is only two pages, while the larger model is three pages. The download contains both a PDO and a PDF of each model. All credit goes to Hellsword Papercraft.

The Mega Evolution Bracelet can be found Here.