Medium Chest Twilight Princess

I’ll be really honest with you on this one. I was not able to build it. This is the very first time I gave up on a papercraft. It simply has alot of tiny pieces, which is more frustrating for me then relaxing. I was able to make the bottom part, and I did one of the ‘legs’ the chest stands on. After that, I got pissed and stopped working on it.

Why I do post it here? the parts THAT I made look awesome. Really. And I know there are people out there who do like tiny pieces, complicated models, so I decided to post it anyway.
I wish you good luck when you build this one, and please send me a picture when you finished it. I don’t think you are able to build this one without the PDO, so don’t forget to check that PDO every now and then.

Download Medium Chest

By RaiderDK


  1. Brandon

    There’s always the easy way. Put it on photoshop and make it huge. I have the edit, and could put it up somewhere if someone wanted me to.

  2. Drummyralf

    I think 2 or 3 times as big would be just fine. Lifesize would be cool, but a waste of paper lol 😛 Don’t forget that the CANVAS of every page should be the same size, or else we will get printing issues 😉

    Please email the result to me if you are up to the task ^^

  3. Brandon

    I actually already did it. Its 6 pages. I could put it up on Deviant Art, that would probably be fairly easy.

  4. pizzaalien

    I just managed to build this – it took me all day, but I did it, and at the original scale, too. I, being lazy, shaky-handed, and inexperienced, didn’t that well. Really, I’d say that this proves it is possible to build using nothing more than elmer’s glue, printer paper, q-tips, an x-acto knife, and a LOT of patience. It was fun, and the result was incredible. You just need to have a lot of free time.

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