Mechanical POW Block

Prolific automata designer ddi7i4d has come up with another ‘mechanical’ paper toy. These pair of models are designed so that hitting the POW block causes an item to shoot out of the other box via compressed air! Check out the demonstration to see it in action as the static pic doesn’t do it justice!
Comes in two versions: “Noob” (his name, not mine! :p) where the POW block is on a simple sliding mechanism and “Pro” where the block is squashed into a folded concertina/accordion shape when hit. The two versions shoot out a coin and a mushroom respectively.
Goes without saying that you must use sturdy paper for this one!
ddi7i4d has given us a couple of links and resources to go with this model.

Animated Demonstration (see it in action!)
Design Process Video (in case you want to see how it was all done!)
Instructions (We know how much you love these!)
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  1. Anonymous

    My antivirus software isn’t letting me go to the sight that the templates and the demonstration are. Could you put them directly on the site?

  2. Xenon

    I’ll add them to the post for easy access as they are in PNG format anyway (easy to attach to a post). DeviantArt is an entirely trustworthy site though.

    If you type his name in the search box on the top right you should be able to find all his work that has been posted here, there’s also some more on his deviantArt account.

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