Master Sword x2 (Windwaker and OoT)

We’ve already seen a Master Sword before, but this one will finally be able to stand on its own between all your other crafts. It’s the Master Sword, with a Pedestal!

The Master Sword, often referred to as the Blade of Evil’s Bane, is an ancient sword that reappears throughout the Legend of Zelda series. This sword, crafted by the Ancient Sages, has the power to vanquish beings of evil.

This sword is removable from the pedestal, so when evil wanders around the house, they’ll beg for mercy after they see you’ve got yourself a Master Sword. You might as well use it for Time Traveling ūüėČ The pack comes with two sizes, a 13.7 and a 16.5 cm Sword.

Download Master Sword in Pedestal

By Xenonray, info from Zeldapedia




Windwaker Master Sword:

In The Wind Waker, the Master Sword rests in a hidden chamber beneath Hyrule Castle, located deep beneath the waves of the Great Sea. This Master Sword is also a kind of key, but this one is keeping the evil that haunted Hyrule trapped in time. When Link draws the blade, he awakens Ganon’s army from their ancient slumber
Now includes a resized version!

Download it here
The guide for making this papercraft can be found on Papercraft Museum

Resized version by James, Picture by HaywanChiu


  1. Anonymous

    You put this under the tag “Zelda 64″, but this is from a Gamecube game, not N64. I think you should probably change it if you don’t want a bunch of nerds like myself sending you a tidal wave of comments on this subject.

  2. Drummyralf

    I know my zelda stuff as well, and I know that second sword is from Windwaker, but the first one is from Ocarina of Time.. However, I’m currently too lazy to make seperate posts for it, so I posted this post in both labels. I don’t see the problem here…

  3. Sgonzales22

    there is already a life size TP master sword. It’s part of HaywanChiu’s Life size link model. You can find it in the forum until it’s released on the blog.

  4. erick

    its possible toget the master sword in pedestal without pdf files??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Leesha

    I had fun with this one. It inspired me to replay Oot, and when our young hero first pulls the master sword from the pedastal, I totally mimicked him with my papercraft. :)

  6. ToonLinkLikesCookies

    I was just walking around in my house with this and a Tiny-ish Paper Zelda shield.My older bro,Marth (What I call him) saw me and was just like “Isn’t that a little small to kill ChuChus with?” XD

  7. Anonymous

    If you want to make it a 71.5cm sword, just find somewhere where they can print it amplified in 433% preferably on cardboard or something other than regular paper.

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