Mario Party item pack

Because of my lack of updating, I decided to do a double post today. Here are some items from the game Mario Party 1 on the N64. Many people consider Mario Party 1 to be the best mario party, even though some mini-games would really mess up your mini-joystick on the controller.

Mario Party is a video game based on a board game, and the first of the expansive Mario Party series. Players choose one of six characters and move around the board. As they go around, they collect coins and various other items that can help them or hinder others in their quest to collect Stars. Twenty coins are required to buy a star.

These are all fairly easy models, and are great for all new papercrafters. However, if you’d like to make your own Mario Party boardgame (or if you just happen to love the game) these small crafts will look great in your collection :)

Have fun!

Download Mario Party Item Pack

By Mastermind777, info from Mario Wiki


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    Me too,

    that, and they go great with my Mario Party Models! Wish someone could make more N64 model… models :)

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