Mario Papercrafts

It’s strange why I haven’t posted this earlier, but here they are: Mario Papercrafts! Well, what more can I say? 5 easy papercrafts: Mario, Bowser, Goomba, Shy Guy and Boo are all ready to be printed out by you.

Mario: Part 1 Part 2
Goomba: Part 1
Shy Guy: Part 1
Boo: Part 1

Picture by Mastermind777


  1. BKA

    When the Bowser model was scanned a lot of very important details were lost in the neck (nodo)and some scales are a little wrong in some pieces (in the jaw), maybe the original wasn’t propely placed in the scanner or something like that
    I’m trying to fix it so I can built it, I wonder if I can share it once I’m done…

    To build the hair you have to connect the highest tab above the eyes with the tab right above it and make spikes with the hair by folding in and out. The last tab in the hair is connected to the shoulder piece, where thre is a black belt

  2. BKA

    Oh, I forgot to say that i THINK it was scanned

    And English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if i wrote anything weird and/or wrong

  3. Anonymous

    i did something funny with the goomba… before i closed the head, i put a water bomb ballon (only full of air not water)inside the head, nice and stretched,i glued on the head, poured some flour through the top, closed it, and tadahhhhhh!!! i then squashed the goomba with my hand, and booM!!! it was soooooooo cool!!! but i had to clean it all up… :(

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