Mario Karts

We’ve got ourselves a new kart here! It’s ROB’s kart!

As you might have noticed, I merged the other 3 karts in this posts, so that they will be easier to find in the future. Be sure to send us a good picture of the Mario, Wario and Luigi kart if you’ve finished it!

Download ROB kart

By LegoMyFoot


Wario and Luigi kart:
Two very nice recolors of the Mario Kart. Wario and Luigi can now compete for being the fastest papercraft too. This doesn’t mean you should rush this papercraft though! Take your time, as always. This will make the model look better ^^

Have fun
Download Luigi Kart
Download Wario Kart

By light dasher (via the NP forum!)

Mario Kart:
Photobucket Here’s one that we never saw before! A Mario kart ūüėÄ Philipp sent this papercraft to me by email, and I decided to post it right away!

With the new Mario Kart having 1-seat karts again, this papercraft is right in time for if you want to enjoy more Mario Kart fun in your home :) Note that the picture shows a prototype of the papercraft. The final version (which is in this post) is red and has the Mario logo on it. Anyone in to recoloring this to other karts? Sent your recolors to me at drummyralf [@] nintendopapercraft [dot] com!

Download Mario Kart

By Philipp Stollenmayer



    I just tried and all the download links work on the karts. All files open with no problem.

    Open the .png files with an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Microsoft Paint.

  2. Anonymous

    Can someone please make a video showing how to build this? I’m not sure where to put some parts.

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