Mario Hat

I finally have internet again after moving to a new town. I think the rest of the NP staff did very well maintaining the website though :) thanks ^^

Lifesize papercrafts are requested quite a lot. I do wonder how many people actually make those though. Ah well. Here’s another one; a Mario hat. This one is actually wearable, as shown on the picture. For a life-size papercraft, it doesn’t have that much pages though: only 4 pages. So it won’t ask too much of your ink cartridges

Have fun!

Download here

By Pixel Kakashi


  1. Anonymous

    fehehe >=D.looks hard,but when you look at the instructions it looks easy :O.mine isnt colored,so im gonna be dark mario XD.but i cant see the lines :(.if i ever am able to make this,it’ll make a great first papercraft ūüėÄ

  2. nick carrasquillo

    Is there a chance that you can email me the pdo or the file you have for this? I have searched everywhere online but cannot find just the hat? Even the nintendo site I found you wont let me download. I want to make this for my two year old son. Please help if you can, thanks.

  3. nick carrasquillo

    sorry to bother you again, but I cannot download? When I click “download here” it says “No registered application for this extension”? I cannot find the download on any other site? Can you let me know what is still working, or email me the four pages? If you have a copy still? Anything would help. Believe me I have been looking for this for almost a week now… thanks again
    My email – -snip- [Mod edit: removed email link. There be spambots watchin’]

    1. XenonRay

      The error message about the extension might be because you have nothing to open PDFs with, so the file type can’t be identified. Download Adobe Reader (free) and you should be able to open them.

      1. nick

        Thanks for sending me the pdf file. it works great and i managed to have no problems opening it. Im looking forward to getting it made this week. thanks again. 

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