I little bit late due to crappy internet, but awesome nonetheless. It’s Malon!

A note from Xenonray, the designer:

It’s a bit hard in places but if you are experienced there should be no problems. The hair is still the hardest bit as well as sealing the head.

I couldn’t get the ears to stick right, the bottom of them ‘float’ about 3mm from the head but are covered by her hair on the sides. If you glue the bottom of them to the head, her ears droop, so I can’t win! And there is literally no room to make them 3D or attached to the model in Blender etc.

Have fun!

Download here!

By Xenonray


  1. Xenonray

    Cheers for the post!

    Yes the ears are not ideal, in the instructions I advise not glueing them on how I did straight away.

    You could make extra tabs or cut a notch out of the top so they fit in higher, or just let them droop a bit, try what works for you! Either way they are mostly covered by the side hair.

  2. Zelda fan

    Malon is a great character, but why not fix the problems before releasing it? Or did Drummyralf accidently posted a beta version and now you’re stuck with it lol? If the ears are impossible to make correctly, delete those parts and make new ones that do work in paper. And if there are scrap parts, just delete them in Blender instead of just moving them aside in Pepakura and telling to ignore them.
    It hurts to keep getting so many papercrafts that sometimes still have small problems and the designer just says fix it yourself while building instead of taking the time to fix it in the 3D. She still looks cool because I love everything Zelda but it’s a shame of some things that could have been better with just a little bit more work. Tips for your next one I guess? 😉

  3. Anonymous

    Great looking papercraft. I just started it and already found a problem. In the pdf and pdo, there is no tabs on the lower skirt to attach to the middle skirt. I made some butt tabs and made it work, but if it’s possible to correct you might want to do it in the near future.

    Besides that it going good, and it should be a great model.

  4. zak

    >.< sealing the head…i have never gotten that without any problems. not really looking forward to that part. on my last model, i gave up completely and stuck a huge tape ball in the head, then tried to glue it together neater. awesome papercraft though. i’ll have to try that soon.

  5. xenonray

    Thanks for the input and it was always risk doing a popular character. Obviously I rushed it for a Christmas release on the forums.

    Well I’m going to be quite busy in the next 3 weeks but after that I’ll try and get a better version made. Maybe the link could be taken down in the mean time?

    The main priority is the ears. I’ll see what I can do about that.

    As for the Lower skirt tabs, that was a genuine oversight- thankyou for pointing it out! That’s because they had to be added manually and I must have forgot to add them again after making the final template.

    Everything else, I assure you is buildable! 😉

  6. Anonymous

    I hope the link can be put up on the site again, I just got back from holiday and missed it!

  7. Anonymous

    Man, I really want to build this. I don’t care if it’s flawless or not. Why had the download link to be taken down?

  8. Anonymous

    Never, probably. Let’s have a contest to see who can make the best Malon! (And Cremia and Romani)

  9. Xenonray

    Feeling a bit like captain obvious here but the link is now up again.

    Despite what the old blogpost content says, the ear trouble is resolved based on how I did the later Young Malon’s. Plus there’s a bunch of minor fixes (hair mostly). Apart from that the template nearly matches the old one and 90% of the instructions still apply.

    Honestly I don’t know why I was so unable to fix this initially. Blender no longer terrifies me (within reason) and to think that I couldn’t split a few faces and move a few vertices now seems silly. That, plus me wanting to work on other projects instead ended up with a 7 month delay.

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