Majora’s Mask Skull Kid

Another Zelda craft! This one is made by Sabidiet.

“Kind of fitting releasing this now with all the hype around December 21, but be warned this is a very hard papercraft, one of the hardest I’ve done so it isn’t recommended for beginners/newbies. “ – Sabidiet

Skull kid is a character from Majora’s Mask that robs link and turns him into a Deku Scrub in the beginning of the game. He wears the infamous Majora’s Mask and resembles a scare crow.

By: Sabidiet



Sabidiet’s Papercraft


  1. Sam

    YES! Finally! I can comment now! Thanks whoever did this! Well anyways, I’ve always felt bad for Skull Kids; little kids that get lost in the forest… sad. :( But great model anyways!

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