Majora’s Mask Pictograph Box

This is a lovely “life-sized” model of Links Pictograph Box from Majora’s Mask. According to the fabulous designer Christina, it is a relatively simple construction, with an undoubtedly brilliant end product.

The Pictograph Box is is a sepia toned camera that can hold only one picture at a time.

Link obtains this item from the Swamp Tourist Centre after rescuing Koume from the Woods of Mystery. The Swamp Tourist Centre holds a Pictograph Contest during the first day, and if Link submits a pictograph of the Deku King, he is rewarded with a Heart Piece. The operator of the contest will also reward him if he submits a pictograph of his son, Tingle.

Later in the game, the Fisherman of Great Bay Village requests that Link take a Pictograph of a Gerudo Pirate as part of a side quest to find the Zora Eggsand rewards Link with a seahorse that he captured near Pinnacle Rock.

I, of course recall none of this at all, lol!

You can get it here


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