Majora’s Mask: Gargantuan masked fish Gyorg

is the third boss in Majora’s Mask, located in the Great Bay Temple. It appears in the form of a giant chimaera. It is Gyorg who imprisoned the third of the Four Giants. Without its guardian deity, the waters of the Great Bay Coast become polluted and dangerous. This also causes an abnormal climate shift in the Great Bay area.To defeat Gyorg, Link must use either his Arrows or his Boomerang-fins in Zora form to stun him. He must then dive in the water and damage Gyorg with Zora Link’s electrical barrier.

Designed and Built by Paperlegend


  1. CanasOminous

    This is fantastic! I remember when i used to play Majora’s, it was one of the best and the hardest games from the old Nintendo 64. I loved this papercraft!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome! So do you use a 3d model for these? Then would you let me know where do you take them from?

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