MagSec 4

Everyone who owned a Nintendo64, probably has played the game Perfect Dark. Probably the best shooter on the Nintendo64. I personally like it more then GoldenEye007.

The MagSec 4 is military handgun used by Area 51 guards. It is produced by Chesluk Industries, just like Cyclone. It carries 9 bullets in the magazine. A state-of-the-art military pistol, largely used by peacekeeping forces. It has a slight zoom capability, and boasts a 3-round burst secondary fire mode.

This craft shouldn’t give you too much trouble. The design is pretty much straight-forward. It still has some nifty detail though! It’s about lifesize, so it’s great for costume parties and such.

Download here

By Billybob884


  1. David

    Yeah Perfect Dark 64, my favorite weapon was The Farsight XR-20…. and Perfect Dark zero is a sh.t.. o.O

  2. Anonymous

    I’m new to papercraft, and I really love this build. I just wish that there were some kind of simple instructions for it.

    Maybe I should just start out smaller, but it would still be nice to have some kind of guide.

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