Luma (Detailed)

Looking back in the archive, we’ve had a relatively simple Luma from Super Mario Galaxy for a while now, viewable here. This one by Kupo, however was ripped from the game and has a more detailed shape to it for those of you who like more complex crafts. There is no .PDO but instructions are available in the file as well as a pair of quick tab guides for sections that could cause confusion.

Comes in yellow, blue, green, orange, red and white versions, each (‘cept the white) with an option of ‘overflow paint’, which just means the tabs are coloured so white gaps are reduced.

Download Here

Tab guide 1
Tab guide 2

Ripped and Edited by Sabi96
Template and Picture by Kupo408


  1. Sgonzales22

    How ironic that the simple one has a pdo, while the this detailed one doesn’t. Anyways, great craft. Although, the unfold could be better.

  2. Kupo

    Well, I didn’t have the shareware version of Pepakura at the time, but I could make a PDO, now. I’ve also included instructions for the said reason.

    Which areas do you think could be better?

  3. Ms. Austin

    We are having a Super Mario themed Halloween party. This luma will be a great addition to the directions. Thanks for providing the download. What other Mario themed paper crafts do you have?

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