Luigi (2)

Here’s a second Luigi, but this time it has it’s own pants instead of the green one!

Here are some building tips from Lumaman:
-Glue the bottom of the head (under his chin) on after you glue the hat on. Gluing the hat on will be easier if there is a hole to add pressure to the tabs.
-Cut slits were the ears will be before cuting out the sides of the head. I didn’t do this and had to cut the tabs off and glue the ears straight on (This made it more messy)
-There is a triangular hole in the face before you glue on the nose. Just slip the top two tabs of the nose in and glue them on the inside.
-Some of the tabs are kinda small. Just be patient, it will eventually glue together.

Download here

By DocD, Picture by Lumaman


  1. Tim

    How do you people know how to put these together. I printed this one out. I think I have the hat together right but now I’m up to his head….I can’t figure out where the ears go or how to fold them or if these things are even the ears….but I’m determined to get this done…

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