This is the first papercraft of an ambitious series that I am starting. I’m going to start a brawl papercraft series. On the first of every month, I will update this blog with a new papercraft from this series.
So without further ado I present the start of this series: Lucas

you can download him here

Also note that I will be talking about future papercraft in the forum. So if you join, you get secret peeks at the next one. ūüėČ


  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m having a problem with this Lucas papercraft.

    See, I download it fine, but I can’t unzip the file correctly. When I do, I get an error message and all I get are the photos. I think it’s because the program I use to unzip (Stuffit), isn’t familiar with the pepakura designer format.

    Any suggestions? Could you possibly get the pattern up in a different format? Or upload it to the gallery at the Pepakura Designer website so it doesn’t have to be zipped?

  2. Alicia

    Awesome work. SSBM and SSBBare fantastic games. I’m a link and zelda fan too and all of the work posted here is awesome. Great job guys!

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