Yes, it’s that time of the month again….the time when a new brawl papercraft gets released! This time it is the blue aura pokemon: Lucario

Lucario is a rather difficult character to play as in brawl, mainly because of his unique aura attacks. This pokemon can sense and use the aura eminating from every living thing to attack or simply to “see”. Therefore, it probably has the longest range of any character in the brawl. It’s attacks reach farther than your opponent suspects, and then catches him off guard. Also, the more damage that he accumulates, the more damage he deals out. You want to try to pick off this guy early before he gets too powerful!

You can download Lucario, (who does not have control over all things) here. The pack contains a .pdo, a instructions .pdf, and .jpegs for mac users.

Have fun!!

– Red Yoshi
This papercraft was designed by Red Yoshi (3d design) and Gazamaniac (test build and instructions)


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Red Yoshi
    Some anonymous posted this image on 4chan /po, I didn’t know what they mean until Mr.Sage gave me the link to your site. So the character is about Lucario. I have only played only the earlier Pokemon games Red/Blue, Silver/Gold so this character is not familar to me. Generally,A lot of Papercraft pokemon models turn up in /po.

  2. metroidfan66

    MAN, that is awesome! maybe next you sould do the stages! that would take forever though. but, your current project does too.

  3. Red Yoshi

    EVERYBODY! Stop with the requests! lol I’m drowning in requests! Here my official verdict on who I’m working on next (in this order):


    That’s as far ahead as I can plan. ok? Thanks for your comments.

  4. Anonymous

    One of the best characters in brawl (4 me) is zelda’s alter ego, sheik.I relize that 3 is as far ahead as you could plan.but could ya make 4 ahead? because iv been waiting for a great charater to make and i know that you have the potential to make sheik. your other models blow me away in shear amazement of detail.So I know you can build it.

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