Lucario 2

The people at the Tenpepakura blog have done it again. Here’s a really good looking custom modelled Lucario built in their unique eye-catching style!
Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type Pokemon resembling a bipedal blue furred jackal with distinctive black markings around its head, and spiked paws and chest. It is one of few Pokemon species that can sense and manipulate Aura energy to give itself formidable offensive abilities.
As with their past models, this also comes with some instructions (picture based, unless you can read Japanese!) which you can find here. The model has a blocky simplicity about it, but the small size probably stops it from being overly easy. Unlike some of their other papercrafts, there seems to be some sharp angled folds that may need scoring on this one.

Download Here (PDF only)

Template and Picture by Tenpepakura

Also, thanks to Oli Gig for the tip-off!