LttP Agahnim Diorama

Here’s the last Zelda craft for the time being, I promise!

This diorama is based on a scene in A Link to the Past on the SNES, where the evil wizard Agahnim is about to send Zelda into the Dark World. Unfortunately having found the castle that his princess is in, Link is too late!

Download Here

Template and Picture by Squeezycheesecake

I’ve noticed a lot of people coming to this site via, which is the old URL and site template. A redirect happens quickly, but the archive stops at March 2010 so if people click to something else on the page too fast, it’s possible to remain browsing pages of the old site. Remember the full address is That extra annoying word though will keep you up to date with the archive! (Just putting that out there :p)


  1. Anonymous

    Although I normally use the old one is helpful because the archive has not been transferred. Is there any chance someone will transfer the old material to the new blog (like the how-to guides)?

  2. Xenon

    That’s a fair point, but since both sites are based on Blogger (the modern one more than the old one I suspect) all the posts should still exist here.

    They might not be categorised properly and be hard to find manually. Though a quick check with the search box shows a some “How to” posts are still there.

    Unfortunately there’s a few bits of this site that need fixing up. But the staff who are website managers/overlords aren’t here very often. (I just take care of the blogposts really)

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