1. Anonymous

    IT scares me…
    I had it on my desk and it wouldn’t stop looking at me
    I had to face him down cuz he was scaring me

  2. Anonymous

    It is good and I’m using the internet on my Dsi right now but I can not find instructions on any website (now I’m going to go back and continue making it) and whoever made this thank you for making it so we can make it!:)

  3. Anonymous

    The link doesn’t work anymore! I really wanted to print this. :( Does it have a backup or something? I can’t find it.

  4. Xenon

    Rapidshare is pretty awful these days, but this is the only current link given by the designer.

    I think it still works though (I only replaced it a few months ago)-click on the grey Free Download button and wait until the timer hits zero :/

  5. Anonymous

    you can find another download link in google, just type look at me boo download and it will come up as a media fire download… those are the best. Would anyone mind putting instructions up please??

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