Lizalfos (Skyward Sword)

Skyward Sword has been out for about a month now, and some new crafts derived from the game’s models are beginning to trickle in! So today we have a Lizalfos, the reptilian soldiers encountered first in the Earth Temple, then in several other places throughout the game.

These guys are nimble fighters, who attack with their spiked tails and fiery breath. Careful timing is needed to parry their strikes or hit them from outside their guard. Random flailing might work on bokoblins but these guys are much more skilled at blocking using their large rocky gauntlets, although they can be a bit overconfident in their abilities!

This is a fairly big model with 19 pages. Pieces aren’t that small but you’ll probably need a bit of patience to assemble the gauntlet and tail spikes! Use of the PDO file in Pepakura Viewer/Designer will also help greatly!

Download Here (via Nintendo Craft)

Template and Picture by Link101


  1. Anonymous

    Why the low-ish rating?
    The colors are gorgeous, it looks detailed enough, Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the craft! ^^

  2. Xenon

    Yeah I agree, I think a few posts suffered from lowballing when someone added the rate system (see the Zelda 64 stuff for some examples). I’d prefer a simple like/thumbs up option instead tbh.

    To everyone else: While not everything can be 5-star quality, please vote fairly and consider the template and not just the photo.

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