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Custom Paper Toys

Custom Paper Toys
Custom Paper Toys has some very original papercrafts with a very artistic style. Much worth visiting!

Hyrule Papercraft

Hyrule Papercraft
Xenonray’s papercraft blog, focusing on scaled N64 Zelda character models and some Fire Emblem ones too!

Icthus7 Papercraft

Icthus7 Papercraft is a blog where Icthus7 and his friend Enrique post their designed papercrafts. They have quite some wicked designs, so check it out! Updated rarely.

IRP Papercraft

Imprime Recorta Pega is a site with all kinds of crafts. From Anime to video games. They have it all!

Ninjatoes' papercraft webpage

Ninjatoes is a Dutch designer who made many Nintendo Papercrafts. He also has some Star Trek models, along with Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones papercrafts. Updated very frequently.

Nintendo Craft

Nintendo Craft
Poe and Link101’s blog, which focuses on their own Nintendo model designs from Pokemon, Zelda, AC and Mario.

PaperCraft Museum

PaperCraft Museum

PaperCraft Museum is a great archive of papercraft that is updated frequently. If you are searching for a specific papercraft, you probably will find it here. Updated frequently.

Papercraft Paradise

Papercraft Paradise is another great papercraft blog for all your if you are searching for any themed papercraft. Updated every day. is a great blog with a lot of original papercrafts from its creator Cláudio Dias. This site is really worth visiting if you want to find some original models within various themes. Updated frequently. - Free Papercraft, Paper Model, & Papertoy has one of the largest archives of papercrafts on the internet. If you are looking for a papercraft, this site will probably have it somewhere in their archive. Updated every day.

PaperPokés - Pokémon Papercrafts

PaperPokés - Pokémon Papercrafts
PaperPokés is a site made by several of Nintendo Papercraft’s designers to give you all the pokémons you can think of! It used to release one model per Monday, but now they add about one in every month.


PaperZelda, managed by designer PaperLegend,  is a papercraft website specialized in designing models from Zelda games. Updated about every month.

Tektonten Papercraft

Tektonten Papercraft - Free Papercraft, Paper Models and Paper Toys
Tektonten is another great papercraft blog with regular updates. They post all kinds of crafts.

Ultimate Papercraft


Ultimate Papercraft is a papercraft blog by the designer Squeezycheesecake. Has many awesome Nintendo crafts!