Link’s hat (life-size)

Some people have been waiting for this one to be released a long time. Others didn’t know of its existance. Well, today is the day where I present you… LINK’s HAT! (Including optional bonus hair!)

This particular hat is from Twilight Princess. The model is life-size, so it’s completely wearable (proof here). It’s designed so that you can make the hat seperate from the hair, so the hair is completely optional. The hat will be slightly too big though if you don’t make the hair. With all the hair made, I can wear it perfectly without the thing shifting on my head.

Note that this craft will be nearly impossible to build without the .PDO file though. I strongly suggest using the PDO whenever you can. I know this is troublesome for Mac users, but I can’t really help it at the moment. I thought of making a guide a little bit too late.

If you don’t want to waste tons of ink (though It’s only 12 pages) you might want to print out the white version in the download and paint over it. Paint will also not scratch as easy as ink does, so when you plan on wearing it, it will be better protected.

Start your own legend with the Link’s hat now!

Download Link’s hat!

Model by Pixel-Kakashi.


  1. Anonymous

    You sir, are a man among gods.

    I’m sorry for all the shit you got from /po/ about it, and i’m glad it didn’t discourage you from releasing the model. A papercraft master like your self does not deserve treatment like that for releasing something like this for free.

    Thank you <3

  2. jihn

    yay finally, i am so making this. i have a life size masterchief helmet and i like making lifesize things like this

  3. Brynna

    agh, it would be perfect for cosplay if it wasn’t paper! 😀 Too bad the hat is off to the side–not good for walking through crowds, lol.

    awesome papercraft though

  4. Anonymous

    Looks nice! But with the end/tip of the hat sticking out like that it does look kinda strange and not very practical…
    Might be good if you use the hair parts, but make the hat out of cloth.

  5. Drummyralf

    The fact that it sticks out isn’t too bad. It doesn’t come much farther then your own shoulders, so you should be good in crowds. On some people’s heads, it will even rest on the shoulder. My head is too tall for that though.

  6. Anonymous

    Nice papercraft. Works perfectly for me. It’s not A+B=C assembly, but no other guides needed if you use your noggin and have more than a couple of brain cells. Just cause we have the internet doesn’t mean we need to spoon feed everyone now, do we?
    Well done and kudos to you for releasing it for free.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s not that you would be running into people wearing the hat with it sticking out to the side like that, it’s just that it LOOKS weird lol

  8. Duff

    This is one of the coolest things ever. A life size Link hat, how awesome is that. I just finished making this last night and I must tell you it came out great. This was my first papercraft and it turned out to be more difficult than i thought. I’m glad I finished but man it was tough, 12 pages of cutting and gluing. Not recommended for your first, but if you have the patience and time then definitely go for it.

  9. Tim

    anyone have a tutorial on how to put this thing together? I’ve never done a papercraft before and this looks crazy complicated.

  10. Adam

    Wait, so do the pieces on the same pages go together because i have dont most of it and it hasnt come out correctly. whats the catch to this?

  11. Augusto

    nice XDD it look very realist … it like the link in the real world (but need the face XD )
    any chance to make only the link’s ears? it can be very good for cosplay or anything o3o and i need it *shot*

  12. Crazyzeldafan

    This was the 2nd papercraft i tryed,i was convinced to finish it,but it looked too hard.I just stared it again and i finnaly finished it now that I’m used to them.This hat is truly awsome!

  13. Anonymous

    Wicked!! Now we need to make it real!! (Hat and Hair wise!:-p) How about having Link’s Hair cut the other way around like in the GC version and like how he’s in BBSB? Apparently there are two things that stick the hair piece to the hat, would this affect how they’re connected if one wants it that way?

  14. Anonymous

    This would be perfect if you also made it inverted (where the hair parts from the other side). And it would be very cool if you did the same with just the hair itself like link before you get his hero’s clothes. TP is a gamecube game initially and it would be cool to see some true replications (especially for us lefties). For what you did you are more than absolutely phenomenal!

  15. Nathan

    Would you mind putting instructions on? Im new and I really want to try this. Thnx


    P.S. Great work

  16. Pencilninja

    I just tried making this..
    the right ‘hair section’ came out okay but I completely bombed the second half..
    this thing is ridiculously hard @,@

  17. Anonymous

    I’m relatively new to papercrafting, and I’m a huge Zelda fan, so I decided to make this model. Since it’s a bigger model I thought I should use card stock instead of regular printer paper, but the stuff I got was too thick. I made a test of the first page using 176 g/m2 paper and Elmer’s glue-all, but it was difficult and frustrating to try to make folds in the thick paper and the glue didn’t dry quickly enough and required some pressure. Recommendations would be appreciated; thanks.

  18. Kristin

    I really want to try this but I’m completely new to paper crafting!

    I wanted this for a Ren Fair, and the tips in the download won’t open for me.

    So any tips or instruction would be helpful, I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  19. Anonymous

    was that your picture?
    and since i don’t have printer yet i draw my paper crafts.
    yea i’m a really good drawer.^-^

  20. Anonymous

    Huh… this is interesting. I stumbled across this while looking for cosplay reference pics. =D I’m gonna try to put it together to use as an awesome 3D model for when I make the cloth one. (and for when I style my wig) lol. thanks!!!

  21. Anonymous

    please create a nuew file ( life size link !!! because in another web site a can,t download it !!! please

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