Link – SSBM

medium linkEven in his youth, Link was already becoming the warrior who would carry the destiny of Hyrule (and many other lands) on his shoulders. His epic struggles against the forces of darkness are written in legend, and he is bound to the Princess Zelda and the archfiend Ganondorf by the awesome power of the Triforce.

Model by Brandon
Build by LuIS

Download Templates (also plenty more info)
Pepakura can be downloaded for free here. (you will need this!)


  1. Xenon

    Daniel, in case the designer doesn’t re-upload, you can turn the lines off in Pepakura Designer (not Viewer) which is still free as a trial, by using Settings > Other Settings > Line Style.

  2. Brandon

    Yeah, the file is unlocked, you can do exactly what Xenon said^
    Even in Viewer you can lower the line transparency in Settings-> Print Settings to a similar effect.

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