Link and Epona (Ocarina of Time)

PhotobucketAwesome! I just posted another Epona, and then Ninjatoes comes with this great papercraft! Another great papercraft from Ninjatoes! It’s adult link and Epona! Wow, this one looks so great! I always loved to ride Epona in Ocarina of Time. It was so much faster then just walking. Crossing through Hyrule Field could be a big pain sometimes! It wasn’t too hard to get Epona either: Just race on the inside of the track, and you could beat Gorman relatively easy.

Well, good luck with the papercraft!

Download it right now from Ninjatoes!

By Ninjatoes


  1. Anonymous

    It’s basically the same guy, but in Ocarina of Time he’s called Ingo, not Gorman. ūüėČ

  2. Loo

    I’m makin’ this one right now!!I started with the feet and I’m kinda stuck on connecting the hooves to the next part of the legs.I’ll figure it out!!Awesome job!!

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