Light Suit Samus

Samus Aran’s Light Suit is the ultimate blending of Luminoth and Chozo technology. It was solely created to counter the forces of darkness and it has proven to render Samus immune to darkness effects that would otherwise hinder her. The Light Suit contains the Light of Aether, which yields the atmosphere of Dark Aether harmless, lets Samus dive into Dark Aether’s poisonous waters without danger, protects her from the Ingstorm, and permits her to ride on Light Shafts, which allow her to teleport between the four main temples. The Light Suit is given to Samus by U-Mos after she defeats Quadraxis and returns the Ing Hive’s planetary energy to the Sanctuary Temple. Like the Phazon Suit in Metroid Prime, it reduces damage by 75%. The Light Suit is characterized by its streamlined, sleek and stylish white coating compared with the crude and archaic appearance of the Dark Suit. The suit has several holes covering the exterior that shine brightly in Dark Aether. After Dark Aether disappears, Samus’s suit reverts back to the Varia Suit as she leaves the planet Aether, meaning that she probably gave the suit, which contained the power of the Light of Aether, back to the Luminoth.~info from Wikitroid.
Download: Here
Instructions: Here

Designer: Ignatius
photo by Ignatius


  1. Lord Pollo

    It´s incredible, the best paper model that I´ve ever seen. Thank you for a great job. If you create a phazon suit model or a morph ball you can be sure about I´ll build it too. Thank you.

  2. Fett 316

    This is amazing paper craft, great job! I did have one questions about though. When it’s all said and done, about how tall will this model come out to be?

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