Lifesize Zora’s Armor Helmet

zheadshotThis a lifesize model of Zoras armor helmet from the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess that can be used in cosplay!

The designer says: The download includes a lined and lineless .pdo of the life size helmet. The .pdos are password free so if you want/need to change the scale to fit your head you can.

Have fun!

Designed by: studioofmm

Download (via studioofmm’s blog)


  1. Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with the actual model but I just got my own blog(you guys inspired it) and I was wondering if I could post some of the models on there and have the links point to here(I’ve already posted that this is THE best papercraft site out there, so you should have a few more people coming here. :)

    1. Xenon

      Sure you have permission to repost!

      A lot of the models these days come from other people’s personal blogs or deviantArt accounts, so linking to those might be more appropriate sometimes. Credit where credit is due and all that! :p

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