Legend of Zelda OoT & MM

Ninjatoes has created Legend of Zelda papercrafts too! He made Link, Princess Zelda, Majora’s Mask and The King of the Red Lions. Ninjatoes is known for its high quality papercrafts, and I can say that these are just outstanding. A true addition to your papercraft collection, or for any Zelda fan.

Picture by Toni Allen


  1. Anonymous

    hello if ninjatoe’s reads this i really really would like him to build zelda’s alter form(clothing) shiek. cuz that would be the cooolest thing ever for shiek is my favorite character in legend of zelda and any other game.
    shiek also pwns in brawl :)
    I also built 3 of ninjatoes/your modles and they were asome!
    thank you soo much if u make shiek


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